Coaching for Sales Leaders

Jim works with leaders to help them become aware of just how influential they are, and then make sure that influence has a positive impact on a salesperson’s behaviour and performance.

To build the foundation for this, he starts with a two-day Leading for Sales Performance program.

Leading for Sales Performance

Jim takes sales leaders through a set of experiences and exercises and introduces some tools and frameworks. Then he allows them to learn. This can be from past experience, from observing someone else, from being asked to play the role of a salesperson, from feedback or from discussions and debriefs. This environment allows managers to gain insight into the influence they have, and to develop their coaching skills. Jim works both one-on-one, or with groups of leaders.

Menu of Workshops for Sales Teams

To embed the coaching into a leader’s day-to-day activity, Jim then works with leaders and their teams together. The primary focus is working on live deals and accounts. This brings immediate impact for salespeople, and more importantly, enables leaders to:

  • identify the specific activities that individual salespeople need to improve to consistently achieve
  • get immediate feedback on how they are interacting with team members and how to make this more productive

Deal and Account Review Workshop (1 day)

Teams get together to review their deals and accounts, exchange ideas and find solutions to their challenges.

Deal and Account Clinics (1 day)

Key deals are reviewed with a manager on an individual basis. 4-6 clinics per day.

Customer Insight Workshop (1 day)

This workshop gives insights into customer behaviour in the sales process, what different customers expect from salespeople and how subtle changes in approach can have a big influence on what customer’s do.

If you want to develop your coaching skills, contact Jim