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Issue Forty: August 2017

Forgive Me, for I Have Sinned To be a good sales coach you’re expected to be a good salesperson, partly because you practice what you preach. However, it turns out I’m not perfect (despite my wife telling me that for 35 years) – even experienced sales coaches occasionally transgress. One such misdemeanour happened a couple…

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Past Issues

Issue Thirty Nine: May 2017

To Hard Sell or to Soft Sell? That is the question

New email – address book update

Please update your address book so your email server will accept the next Sphere you receive (soon), which will be from my new email jim@jimwigg.com. Why has it changed? For years certain customers have been telling me to rebrand as Jim Wigg: “It’s you we buy, Jim, not Epicurean Associates.” When they referred me to…

Issue Thirty Eight: March 2017

Getting a prospect to want to extend the conversation with you

Issue Thirty Seven: December 2016

Getting the best out of salespeople in deal reviews

Issue Thirty Six: October 2016

Tips for dealing with a particular type of difficult boss or difficult customer

Issue Thirty Five: August 2016

What makes a discovery meeting productive?

Issue Thirty Four: June 2016

Has the fun gone out of Sales?

Issue Thirty Three: April 2016

Isaac Newton and Resistant Customers

Issue Thirty Two: February 2016

Use LUV to get stalled deals moving

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