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Create lasting change in the performance of your sales team

Only 20% of salespeople consistently hit target

Over the last 25 years, companies have made huge investments in CRM systems, qualification tools and sales training. Pipeline information and forecasts are more closely monitored than ever. And yet most salespeople fail to meet target.

Jim Wigg offers the solution – and it starts with the sales leaders. Read more

CRM Systems, sales tools and conventional sales training don’t create winning sales teams, sales leaders do.

Find out why coaching for sales leaders works

Moving the middle 60%

Jim works with sales leaders to improve the performance of the middle 60% of the sales team — the group who hit target sometimes, but not consistently.

This group represents a real frustration for leaders but at the same time, their single biggest opportunity.

Even a small change in the performance of this group can have a huge impact on revenue.

Find out about moving the middle 60


A high performing sales team is one where everyone focuses on the activities needed to achieve the result.

The sales leader already has the means to make this happen. And it doesn’t require extra time or effort.

Shift your focus. Turn sales leaders into coaches.
  • The work we put in to generating the offers and the proposal format made us stand out from the competition. We have now sold 50% of next year’s budget going into the last quarter of this year!

  • This Deal Clinic was unlike any other I’ve attended. I went away with clear ideas and actions to overcome obstacles I was facing. Please can we do more.

  • Jim has a way of getting people thinking about, and working on their challenges that allows him to introduce new ideas without the resistance more prescriptive trainers meet.

  • There’s a clear correlation between the salespeople who had coaching with Jim, in the first phase of our initiative, and those who are excelling. As a result, coaching is a priority for every member of the sales team in phase 2.

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