Jim Wigg – Sales Coach and
Deal Review Specialist

Jim lives and breathes sales and has done so since his first sales role some 30 years ago. He is driven by making a difference to his clients and by delivering lasting change and results.

Companies turn to Jim for his ability to get people to see things in a different light. His strength lies in asking the questions that bring clarity and get things moving.

Jim’s coaching and facilitation style is engaging and refreshingly simple. You won’t hear jargon or buzz words at any of his coaching sessions, and he’ll never fire up a PowerPoint presentation.

His expertise in DISC (Certified PPA Practitioner) and Empathy Styles behavioural models enables him to give people insights into themselves, their colleagues and their customers.

Over the last three years Jim has worked in 21 countries in 5 continents. This experience has taught him that while the perspectives are different, the challenges are the same. He has always viewed leaders as the key to creating lasting change in performance. Jim is much more than a sales trainer – he’s a coach to sales leaders and also a coach to the coaches of sales leaders.

Sales leaders and salespeople from some of the world’s leading companies continue to benefit from Jim’s work. Since 1999, Jim has delivered results for Oracle, Red Hat, Cloudera, Commerce Decisions, ARM, PBS, Integralis, Cognos, Logica CMG, Schlumberger Sema and Ernst & Young.

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Giving Back with Personal Tuning

To raise funds for his favourite charity, Aldershot Skiing for the Disabled, Jim offers a personal coaching session for people who are looking for a change of role or a promotion. The session gives clarity both on what you bring to a role and what you want from it and is invaluable when looking for a new position, preparing for an interview or if you’re just finding your current role frustrating.

Personal tuning takes 1.5 hours over a cappuccino. There’s no charge for the session, only a request to make a donation to Aldershot Skiing for the Disabled in return.