Programs, Reading and Viewing

To decide which of these suggestions would be most appropriate for your goal or challenge, drop me an email and I’d be happy to guide you.


A six-month program for sales managers to apply the principles of coaching directly to their sales management activities.

A six-month individual coaching program for established salespeople to shift their status and performance to the next level.

Tailor-made coaching to help people get back on track, achieve their objectives faster, or simply maintain peak performance.

Two x two-hour sessions for sales teams to provide an alternative view and approach to tackling the challenges customers present in the sales process.

A one-day workshop for sales teams to find ways forward on specific deals and accounts, and refresh core sales skills.

A three-day program for salespeople to develop or refresh the building blocks that underpin success in all sales activities.

Recommended Reading

A quick reference guide to the building blocks that underpin collaborative and candid selling.

A quick reference guide to the building blocks that underpin influencing the behaviour and performance of your people.

For those interested in understanding human behaviour and how to
influence it.

The building blocks for great coaching that also apply to selling, consulting, problem solving and planning.

No hiding behind not wanting to micro-manage, it’s specific agreed actions that make the difference.

Don’t just surface read it and think you know it already. The only ‘must read’ for sales (and marketing) for years.

No sales nonsense in this one, a solid common sense view on selling.


You can’t force your mind to be quiet but you can do something to nurture it. This is a strong recommendation if you are feeling overwhelmed or under pressure.