Forget your preconceptions
about coaching

Jim’s coaching is different, very different…

Firstly, he starts with sales leaders. Many don’t fully appreciate just how important and influential their role is. He works with leaders to build their awareness of their influence, and to ensure that influence has a positive impact on each salesperson’s behaviour and performance.

Secondly, based on Jim’s extensive experience, he believes the directive sales environment no longer delivers. Today’s savvy sales leaders aren’t telling, they’re coaching, their teams.

In this collaborative coaching environment, salespeople take ownership of their own performance to deliver the transformation sought, be that: predictability, linearity or working strategically with customers going through a digital transformation.

The 70:20:10 ratio… proven, powerful and practical

This model for learning and development holds that 70% of learning comes from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others and only 10% from training. Jim observes sales leaders while they’re doing their job – coaching their salespeople in live deals and accounts.

Where to start

You get the most from Jim’s coaching with a commitment to a full Coaching for Sales Transformation program.

Or you can opt to cherry pick a specific capability, such as 1:1 Coaching for a sales leader.

The Coaching for Sales Transformation Program

Deal/Account Coaching Workshop Kickoff

Day 1 for Leaders. Understanding how the environment a sales leader creates influences sales behaviour; then learning and applying four core coaching mindsets to creating transformation.

Day 2 for Leaders and Team. Sales teams get together to coach each other on live deals and accounts: refreshing three core selling skills (Readiness, Curiosity, Awareness) and exchanging ideas and experiences along the way. Sales leaders get to see in action, as supporting coaches, what they learned on the first day.

Agility in Sales Transformation (1 day workshop for Leaders and Team)

The fourth core mindset that underpins success in sales and coaching (Agility) is the ability to adapt to situations and people. Jim uses the Tilt365 model to enlighten and encourage salespeople to develop new character strengths.

1:1 Coaching for Sales Leaders (in multiples of 2 hour sessions)

Individual coaching for sales leaders to support them in creating the environment in which they can achieve their personal and business transformation. Face-to-face or by conference call.

Observing of Leaders when Coaching (in multiples of 2 hour sessions)

On-the-spot coaching to give leaders specific feedback on what they’re doing and its implications for the transformation they are seeking. Typically this will involve observing leaders coaching their salespeople in live deals, accounts and performance/transformation. Face-to-face or by conference call.


If you want to develop your coaching skills, contact Jim