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Past Issues

Sept 2018 : Sales 101 or Room 101?

Recently, I started a campaign on Linked-In to “Stop the Sales Training Madness” but many salespeople (myself included) look back to their first sales program with great affection. Stating that what they learned was the catalyst that kicked off their love of sales and it’s what they go back to when they experience a challenge…

July 2018 : Back to Basics

Back to Basics There’s a consistent pattern in the conversations I’m having with sales leaders at the moment, and the work I’m doing with them and their teams. It seems to be prompted by the digital transformation customers are going through. This is having a big impact on the way customers buy and their expectations…

April 2018 : Predictability and Socks for Christmas

Predictability and Socks for Christmas Some things in life are easy to predict – like socks for Christmas (size 42 and colourful please). Currently in the world of sales, Predictability is highly sought-after but unlike Christmas socks it’s not always so easy – when potential customers seemingly put all sorts of obstacles in the way….

Issue 42: February 2018

Have you Popped the Question? I did – on 5 February 1989, the top of the Eiffel Tower, on one knee. Romantic eh? She said “Yes, I’ve nothing better to do in July”, and I’ve been living in wedded bliss ever since. You may not have popped that question, but do you ask the “Anything…

Issue 41: November 2017

How to be confident asking the customer so-called tough questions.

Issue 40: August 2017

Set yourself up for success by planning customer meetings

Issue 39: May 2017

To Hard Sell or to Soft Sell? That is the question

New email – address book update

Please update your address book so your email server will accept the next Sphere you receive (soon), which will be from my new email jim@jimwigg.com. Why has it changed? For years certain customers have been telling me to rebrand as Jim Wigg: “It’s you we buy, Jim, not Epicurean Associates.” When they referred me to…

Issue 38: March 2017

Getting a prospect to want to extend the conversation with you

Issue 37: December 2016

Getting the best out of salespeople in deal reviews

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