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A New Model for Sales Coaching

If you’re a sales leader who wants more people to take ownership or you’re a salesperson who wants to consistently achieve target, read on.

With a love of simplicity, I’ve developed a simple new model for sales coaching – Refresh and Apply. It’s a silver lining as a result of remote working:

Step 1 : Refresh. Watch my 30 minute sales best-practice masterclasses to reveal what’s working and what’s not – for you and your team.
Step 2 : Apply. Have a 45 minute individual or team coaching session to put into action what’s needed.

You can watch masterclasses for free but simply knowing what to do isn’t enough. You’ll need me as a coach to put it into practice.

Based on 20+ years working with salespeople and leaders, the masterclasses reveal and remind you of the skills and mindsets that underpin the success of the top 20% salespeople – the people who consistently bring in 80% of the revenue.

Three sales masterclasses are available to view now:
•   Successful Prospecting Messages
•   Prospecting Objections
•   Core Discovery Skills

As well as this masterclass for leaders
•   Possibly the Shortest Coaching Program for Leaders Ever

Coming in April, May and June:
•   Establishing the Building Blocks of an Opportunity
•   Lining up the Ducks – a mutual action plan with your Champion
•   Working Strategically with Customers

What to do next
Watch a masterclass on my YouTube channel or book a 25-minute exploratory session with me.