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Back to Basics

There’s a consistent pattern in the conversations I’m having with sales leaders at the moment, and the work I’m doing with them and their teams. It seems to be prompted by the digital transformation customers are going through. This is having a big impact on the way customers buy and their expectations – not just of salespeople but also that whatever they invest in, they expect it to deliver the desired objective.

As a result, sales leaders are saying it’s back to basics. One described it as: “Proper value selling that starts with understanding the customer”.

The wish list for sales leaders remains unchanged. They still want all their salespeople to:

  • Generate a continuous pipeline of new opportunities
  • Forecast accurately and predictably close business on time; and
  • Be forthcoming with information and highlight problems early

But now there’s a fourth item on their list that’s become essential to deliver the other three, and that is:

  • Operate strategically with customers – know them and their market inside out

This is no surprise to the top performing salespeople, because they know it’s a key factor in what makes them successful.


PS  If you’re thinking… “But what about the salespeople who don’t seem to recognise this? The ones who have got out of the habit, or never had this focus in the first place. How do you get them committed and doing something about it?”

The good news is we have honed a successful formula in our one-day team account coaching workshop, The Art of the Possible. It’s not the full solution but a great way to get buy-in from all salespeople and immediate actions on live accounts happening.

If you’d like the info on this workshop, email me and in the subject line put: Ooh yes please, I’d like to know more.