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Painting the Bedroom Blue

A couple of years ago after some remodelling of the house involving builders, tradesmen and lots of dust and patience we were heading towards the finish line. Just the painting to go.

We wanted a bright blue for the main bedroom. A lovely sunny room in the morning due to its easterly aspect, so we could get away with a strong colour. Popped along to the local independent paint shop and leafed through loads of colour charts. There was lots of choice of blues – but one was too green, one was too purple, one was too brown so in the end it came down to only a handful of possibles and the subsequent test pots were bought.

The test pots were daubed on a couple of the walls and we reviewed at different times of day. There was lots of “hmmms, what do you think?” Finally, the winner was chosen, and Lord Buxton the Painter arrived with his rollers.

A couple of days later, ta da, the room was unveiled:

  • “Ooh, it’s very blue”
  • “Do you think it’s too dark?”
  • “Looks different from how I remember the test patch”

By the time we’d got furniture re-installed we were feeling much better about our bold decision. Or were we? Every morning I’d look at the room and convince myself “no, it’s good, I like it”.

Recently, my wife said in a very serious voice “we need to talk”. Heck what’ve I done now? “I’m just not happy with this blue in the bedroom” she said, “we’ve got to repaint”. So, back on the phone to Lord Buckston the Painter.

A couple of days later, ta da, the room was unveiled.

Guess what colour it was? Yes, that’s right. BLUE. A subtly different shade of blue.

And now it’s perfect. It reflects the light better. It’s a warmer tone. There’s a feeling of well-being in there. We love it.

Sometimes we think a big change is needed when in reality a small change can make a massive difference.


PS. The painter isn’t really called Lord Buxton – he’s an old school mate and that’s his nickname.

PPS. What small change have you made that had a big impact?

PPPS. Who’s your favourite tradesperson?